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It's not just black and white.

My film journey has been a winding path, but, that's nothing compared to my B&W developer journey!

First, there was colour film. It was easy and expensive. Expensive, because by the time I bought a roll of low-end film, paid to develop it, and included low-res scanning in the developing, I was around $20 - $25 CAD per roll of 36, depending on which film I bought. At 39 shots from a roll of 36 (I shoot the film-leader), That's 50 cents a shot...assuming I'm buying cheap film! Don't forget that all I've got to show for it after are film negatives and *low-res* scans - only good for social media sharing.

For 35mm film, that's just stupid. And sadly, it's just the law of supply and demand in action. Prices go up when there's scarcity, just like they do if there's plenty, but excessive demand. (Or greedy Realtors - like the central Ontario housing market.) :P

First step was getting rid of the scanning process. I bought a cheap mirrorless camera, adap…

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