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Photography’s Secret

I love photography. And I've spent significant time studying and practising it. I would never tell anyone not to pursue it, whether as a hobby or even a business interest - provided they weren't leaving loved ones up a creek. 
And in light of income...
The photography industry has an open, yet dirty secret. Many "Pros" and XYZ "renowned photographers" collaborate with miscellaneous interested parties – primarily manufacturers and sellers. Why? To generate desire to be a pro...with precious little room for actually making a living. All the while telling hopefuls that it can be done, if you just work hard enough.*
Of course, the "renowned photographer" gets a steep discount on over-priced gear, does training videos, etc, and another generation is hopefully hooked on photography as a career or intense hobby. (Mostly with hopes for a career.) Oh, and they'll eventually need to spend serious money along the way. 
Cynical, certainly, but also re…

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