Long-Form Video

I read quite a few articles these days employing "long form" writing. Some of them are really awesome, and go much further in-depth than the soundbites we're so accustomed to in both written and visual media. 

I struggle with a certain emotional state which often leaves me feeling drained. One of the major items which helps me unplug is music. And not exactly the kind you might think. I love a good cinematic score - sweeping audio "visuals" which take me places I might not have otherwise realized. 

But, combine that with actual visuals, and it doubles, even quadruples the impact. 

Now, because I want to enjoy the entire score, not just a soundbite from it, I've begun using slow-moving video sequences, which can cause today's viewers to glaze over. Not because they aren't well-balanced visuals, but because we're so tuned to glossing over those visuals - gulping in the main points like sharks charging through a school of fish - that most of us have practically lost the ability to b r e a t h slowly. (A by-product, as you know, of consuming too much media.)

I'm aware that this costs me viewers (what's the point of publishing anything if it's never seen?), but on most levels I don't mind. I'll stubbornly continue providing a point of view which, I trust, will allow my child to look back in future years, and say, "I see Dad there."


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